Managers can minimise their infrastructure support and operational costs by outsourcing middle office activities, freeing them to focus purely on investment decisions.

Our Middle Office services include:

Investment Accounting

Trade Capture

  • Automated middle office solution to acquire bulk trade information
  • Required notifications
  • Book trade to Prime Broker/Custodian system
  • Perform intermediate trades
  • Perform trade matching
  • Reconciliation of front office trade date records with Prime Broker/Custodian system
  • Integrated front to back STP operations process


  • Daily reconciliation of Positions to Prime Broker/Custodian
  • Daily reconciliation of Cash to Prime Broker/Custodian
  • Reconciliation of the Fund’s system to Prime Broker/Custodian income receivable

Corporate Actions

  • Event monitoring 
  • Middle office to inform front office of pending entitlements
  • Notify front office of discretionary events
  • Instruct decision
  • Take up of entitlements
  • Notify the Fund of entitlements
  • Account for entitlements at ex date
  • Reconcile the positions in the Fund’s system with the Prime Broker/Custodian


  • Establish Accruals
  • Maintain Accruals
  • Settle cash flows at ex date (Securities)
  • Maintain records of receivable/payables
  • Chase outstanding cash payments
  • Maintain aged items register
  • Middle office to notify the Fund of cash and accruals


  • Establish Accruals
  • Maintain Accruals
  • Settle cash flows
  • Middle office to notify the Fund of expenses and cash flows
  • Update the Fund’s system

Pricing and Valuation

  • Set-up economic details of deals - Prime Broker/Custodian systems (Settlement)
  • Poll prices/curves – Prime Broker/Custodian
  • Receive Prime Broker/Custodian pricing
  • Obtain prices/curves – Fund
  • Obtain Fund prices for Alternative and Private Equity vehicles
  • Apply prices/curves to Prime Broker/Custodian systems
  • Apply prices/values
  • Reconciliation of Prime Broker/Custodian prices to the Fund’s system
  • Maintain stale price checks
  • Maintain zero price checks
  • Maintain pricing in accordance with Fund guidelines
  • Report stale, zero, illiquid pricing to the Fund
  • Apply pricing to portfolio

NAV Calculation

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly NAV reporting options
  • Performance and management fee calculation

Operational Services


  • Confirmation of Fund’s trades, Broker trades and Fund-Fund trades


  • Settle cash flows of the Fund to Prime Broker/Custodian
  • Settle cash flows to counterparty or 3rd party ( & vice versa)
  • Settle cash flows to the Fund
  • Maintain and issue Prime Broker/Custodian statement
  • Reconciliation of the Fund’s system with expected cashflows
  • Track / resolve / age the Fund’s system to cash breaks
  • Report Prime Broker/Custodian breaks to Custodian and back office

Collateral Management

  • Adjustment of collateral on derivative exposure

Post trade compliance

Hedge recommendations

Risk Management, VAR and Greeks

Model pricing of a range of esoteric instruments

Enhanced Reporting

  • Real time P&L analysis including  slice and dice the P&L
  • Top 10 by fund, industry or other definable measure
  • Cash flow analysis 


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