What To Consider When Switching Fund Administrator (EXCLUSIVE)

Switching fund administrator can prove to be a costly, investor sensitive, risky and time-consuming exercise. This article focuses on 10 areas that hedge fund managers should consider and spend more time on during the selection process of a new administrator.

  • Communication
    Communication is the key to a successful and efficient transition.
  • Continuity
    A seamless transition from one administrator to another is clearly a key requirement for any manager.
  • Time frame
    It is important that all parties agree a realistic time-frame within which the transition process can be completed.
  • Cost
    Clearly, managers need to maintain prudent control over their costs whilst at the same time being conscious of the cost base that an administrator needs to operate and provide a high quality service.
  • Commitment and service
    Managers should be aware that with some administrators there is a risk they will no longer be serviced if they do not raise assets or if their assets drop below a certain level.
  • Global presence
    As a manager grows, their strategies and geographic reach may also grow.

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