Changing Fund Administrator

When it’s time for changing fund administrator, Equinoxe will:

Provide a transition pack which will include Fund questionnaires, contact lists, report samples and lists of all documentation required to comply with internal Know Your Client procedures.
Prepare a detailed transition plan outlining the key steps in the transition process whilst also tracking key target dates.
Agree with the client how communication will be handled throughout the transition and whether the client will interact directly with the outgoing administrator.
Set up a regular client calls throughout the transition process.
Agree a bespoke service and operating model with the client, which will include key contacts and escalation points whilst also outlining key service deliverables and reporting requirements.
Have Senior Management intimately involved in the transition process, plus ongoing maintenance of each and every client.
Liaise with the Funds’ legal counsel to review and provide updates to the existing offering documentation, where necessary.
Look to assist the Fund with opening new subscription/redemption bank accounts if required or establish connectivity with existing providers.
Look to develop and maintain relationships with the Funds’ auditors, bankers, depository and tax advisors, as well as any other external service providers.
Identify key regulatory reporting requirements for the Fund and work with the client to provide a solution.
Review the Funds’ existing pricing policy and provide commentary or updates where necessary.
From an accounting perspective, upload all open lot portfolio positions to ensure that the correct lot relief is maintained post transition.
From a transfer agency perspective, upload the full historic investor activity as well as complete a review of all existing AML documentation.
For mid-year transitions, load data from the start of the financial year to facilitate the drafting of the Funds’ financial statements.
Liaise closely with the client to review the existing fee budgets whilst also clearly establishing a process for the approval and payment of fees.
Show Equinoxe has considerable experience dealing with complex performance and management fee methodologies and will look to implement fully automated solutions where possible.
Look to establish connectivity for daily trade feeds by utilising the clients’ current file formats, with a view to minimizing the impact on the client.
Establish connectivity with the existing Prime Broker(s)/Custodian(s)/Counterparties to facilitate the automation of reconciliations.
Liaise with the client and outgoing administrator to ensure no reconciliation items exist at the transition date.
Agree a parallel valuation period with the client, where valuations are produced and compared to those produced by the outgoing administrator.


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