Equinoxe provides fund administration services for single manager hedge funds, fund of funds, managed accounts, UCITS, family offices and alternative portfolios of insurance and pension funds.

Our Fund Administration services include:

Start-up and Transition of Funds

  • Senior management is intimately involved with the setup or transition, plus ongoing maintenance of each and every client.
  • Equinoxe will distribute to the client a launch or transition pack containing key steps about the process, questionnaires, contact lists, trade file samples and lists of all documentation required by the fund administration company to set up the fund and also comply with Know Your Client on the underlying client.
  • Equinoxe will work with onshore and offshore legal counsel to review and provide commentary on the draft structure and offering documentation.
  • Bespoke operating model agreements and process documentation are agreed including timings, pricing policy documents, and reports required.
  • Bespoke service model agreed containing key contacts and escalation points.
  • Full parallel runs will be conducted on all transitions.
  • Equinoxe will establish connectivity with Prime Brokers/Custodians/Brokers allowing it to automate position and trade activity feeds.
  • Equinoxe will develop and maintain relationships with the clients’ auditors, bankers and tax advisors, as well as any other external service providers.
  • Equinoxe will identify key regulatory reporting requirements for the Fund and work with the client to determine the best course of action and solution

NAV Calculation

  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly NAV reporting options
  • Performance and management fee calculation.

Trade Capture

  • Automated trade capture – receipt of daily file and electronic upload into Advent Geneva.


  • Automated multi-source price acquisition and aggregation
  • Independent OTC pricing
  • Portfolio pricing on dealing NAV cycles
  • Creation of a funds pricing policy and maintenance of valuations accordingly

Corporate Actions and Data Management

  • Identify and process applicable corporate actions (reorganisations, dividends, etc.)
  • Reflect corporate actions in the Fund books for valuation purposes
  • Maintenance of a global centralised security master database.

Cash Management

  • Subscription and redemption processing and document review
  • Payment of standard non-trading related payments approved by manager
  • Double review process plus authorised signatory checklists for payment release
  • Movement of subscriptions to Prime Broker account from subscription account once AML complete
  • Payment of redemption proceeds in accordance with Offering Memorandum once NAV complete
  • All cash movements over an agreed $ value subject to manager sign-off 


  • Daily/Monthly cash reconciliations (predicated upon data availability at counterparty)
  • Position reconciliations on the NAV Period basis and intra month according to strategy needs
  • Review and distribution of offering documents to potential investors

Shareholder Services

  • Maintenance of the share register
  • Processing of subscriptions/redemptions/transfers in line with Offering Memorandum
  • Confirmation of subscription/redemption/transfer information to underlying investor
  • Onshore/offshore Investor level accounting
  • AML and automated Worldcheck screening to Complete Anti Money Laundering verification
  • Reporting of Net Asset Values, partnership values and fund performance to investors
  • Response to investor requests on a timely basis

Audit Coordination and Liaison

  • Appointment of a suitably qualified client service team
  • Maintenance of official books and records complete with tax lot information (please refer to tax assistance)
  • Liaison directly with the appointed auditor for planning and execution of a seamless audit process
  • Accommodation of auditors onsite or remotely, as required
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with stated GAAP or IFRS
  • Management of audit timeline in relation to any regulatory requirements
  • Distribution of audited financial statements is also part of the fund administration offering

Management Company Services

  • Corporate Secretarial Services for Bermuda, Cayman, BVI, Mauritius and Irish domiciled funds
  • Preparation of regulatory returns
  • Processing of Director resolutions
  • Participation in Board meetings
  • Maintenance of Board minutes
  • Maintenance of Register of Members and Directors
  • Resident representatives for Bermuda domiciled entities

Tax Preparation Services

  • Equinoxe’s experienced fund administration team works with the Fund’s tax accountants to prepare supporting documentation from which the tax accountants are able to prepare US K1 and PFIC reports. Additionally, Equinoxe has a strategic relationship which enables us to provide tax information for German investors.

Regulatory Reporting

Our fund administration offering includes the full suite of regulatory solutions through our best of breed partnerships.

  • AIFMD Annex IV
  • Form PF
  • EMIR
  • CTA-PR
  • 13F
  • TIC Form SLT
  • EU Short Sale


Through our best-of-breed partnerships we provide:

Annex IV Reporting


  • Full Depositary
  • Depo-Lite

Managed Services

  • AIFMD Registration
  • Management Company Services
  • AIF Platform Services
  • Risk Monitoring
  • Appointment of:
    • Resident Directors
    • Company Secretary
    • Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO)


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