Equinoxe has been able to select from amongst the best systems in the current market place and supplement them with bespoke ancillary products to form a technology solution called NavEgator.

Technology Architecture

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Equinoxe utilises Advent Geneva as its fund accounting platform, and HWM Mantra for transfer agency, providing leading institutional technology unhindered by legacy systems that are common in the industry.

The development of NavEgator and specifically the Equinoxe Management System, combines market leading technology platforms with high levels of automation, enabling us to focus on exception processing and value-added services.

Calypso is used for our Solutions product giving a full front to back office trading environment across all asset classes.

Interactive Data and Markit Partners are amongst many of the pricing feeds which link to NavEgator.

World Check is built into HWM Mantra and used to supplement our AML, to screen for heightened risk individuals and businesses.

Advent Geneva Case Study:

World Check Case Study:



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